The 6 Month Excuse (Grace Period)

You’re going to be at least 6 months before you make your first transaction.”

“It’ll probably take 6 months or more before you have your first deal.”

“You’re not going to make anything for the first 6 months.”

Why does it take so long to make your first transaction? No one has a real answer, and maybe that’s because it shouldn’t.

Now obviously there are things that take time that are out of our control. Things like paperwork being processed through the governing bodies and real estate boards as well as gathering all your marketing material, web design, social media formatting. But if you get those sorts of things done right away then everything else becomes easier.

Before you even think about any of this remember your Sphere of Influence. At this point, you should know a lot of people, and these are going to be your front liners when it comes to building your business portfolio. As soon as you pass your exam and are licensed tell your family and friends. But that isn’t the only people you should tell. You know so many more people. Past co-workers, old classmates, all your connections on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, all these people make up your Sphere of Influence and you need to make sure that they all know that you can help them when it comes to buying/selling/renting/moving, all the above. They not only could become a potential client, but they will also be a big part of your marketing because everybody knows someone that is looking to move.

Getting to know the area you are servicing is also key. Try some door-to-door flyer handouts to establish that initial conversation with your community. Research the market trends in the area and find out who the top players are. How do they do business and what can you do to stand out. Become a part of the community with events, volunteer opportunities and charities. You want to become a recognized face within your community, and you want people to know why they recognize you.

Think of yourself as an advertisement. Studies show that a person needs to see an ad at least 7 times before they decide to buy. So, you need to be in their ear, in their face and be exposed to your potential clients at least 7 times. The more the better.  But you must be careful, you don’t want to always come across as pushy. You need to let them make the decision based on what you can do for them, not you telling them what they should do.

Consistent exposure through business cards, mailers or flyers and social media; showing who you are, what you do and why they should work with you will make a huge difference in the number of clients that you bring in. But it is going to take a lot of work. It is going to feel mundane and pointless. You will feel like you are being bothersome and that you are just spamming everyone that you try to connect with but if you work hard at it the business will come.

Get out, get exposure and make business happen.