Taking the King in Springtime

If you are ever talking to a real estate agent, you have probably heard them talk about the “Spring Market”.

But what is it? How can you prepare for it?

The spring market refers to a time of year when the quantity of real estate sales is generally at its highest. When most transactions are taking place and agents are at their busiest. It happens, you guessed it, in the spring.

During the winter months, people are more occupied with holidays, weather, families and so much more that they are not thinking about selling their home but as the spring rolls in people begin to look at making changes and perhaps cashing in on the value of their home. Getting your home on the market and moving in the spring will provide you with the time to settle in your new home as the summer arrives and you can truly enjoy it.

As a seller, preparing for the market is easy. Prepare your property information with your agent. Clean and de-clutter your home for staging and photos. List your property on market and wait for your buyer.

As a buyer, you need to keep your head on a swivel. As the market picks up, properties will become available at every turn so being on high alert is key to landing your perfect home. Your agent will be doing the same thing so remember that they are working just as hard to help find you your perfect place to call your own.

These past few years have been interesting though when it comes to the housing market. Not only have we seen a drastic jump in the cost of a home due to higher demand with a lowered inventory, but we also have not seen a boom that has been witnessed in previous years around the springtime. We always see an increase in inventory but the fluxes in quantity have stayed closer to level in recent years.

It is hard to say what will happen this year. Estimates in this industry are affected by so many variables and predictions are exactly that, predictions. They may occur, but only if the necessary factors take place.

Every agent is in a constant game of chess with the real estate market. Staying multiple steps ahead and having played out every possible option for each move the market takes. But always leading towards taking the King.