New Year New Show

Happy New Year everyone!

As we continue our awesome journey, we are shifting gears to better hone in on what awesomeness truly is. We’ll be releasing two podcasts under the umbrella of the Guide to Awesomeness. The first is a continuation of learning from experts and stars, people with incredible insights and amazing stories to share from all industries.

In partnership with this, our second podcast will revolve around the idea of community, where we’ve come from, where we’re going, what being a part of a community truly means, and how it makes us all. Awesome. Thank you to all the awesome guests that we have had so far. We wouldn’t have awesomeness without you.

And a special thank you to all of our listeners for your continued support. We hope that you will continue to listen, enjoy, and be sure to follow us wherever you get your podcasts, to keep up to date with the awesome people and the awesome things that we talk about. This is Jonah. I’m reminding you to be awesome today and be even more tomorrow.