The Strength In Being You With Matthew Ferrara

Matthew Ferrara has a degree in philosophy, is a photographer, writer, and a professional speaker. He has spent the last 28 years traveling the world teaching others how to grow their careers and lives through creativity, innovation, and leadership. Matthew’s work draws connections between many disciplines such as business, innovation, marketing, and technology that combine into unique insights about growth and modern markets.In this episode of Inspire Others with Sarah Lunn, Matthew shares his journey of integrating his creative side into his work and the success it has brought him. Alongside his impressive achievements, Matthew’s perspectives offer a message of doing good work with our lives and finding value in yourself, inspiring listeners to unleash their inner awesomeness.

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00:07:04 Tell your story authentically.

00:15:28 Take time for yourself.

00:21:17 Learning never stops in Bologna.

00:26:06 Learn a foreign language for brain health.

00:30:50 Write every morning.

00:34:05 Be yourself and embrace it.